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Upcycling Cardboard

Last month, the good folk of Lives Not Knives and a few of us local technology specialists got together to host an event for London Technology Week. Our theme was upcycling cardboard. Mick Rideout and I created a workshop where attendees could add their own faces into a virtual reality zombie game running on the Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses.


Q & A: Running a programming club in a library

Kirstin of the Home Educators Coding Club, which runs in Norfolk Library, left a comment on my previous post asking some questions about the details of running our library programming club. I feel these are questions of general interest to those running or planning to run their own club. So I decided to write up my answers in a new post.

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Croydon Central Library Code Club

As you can see from the large hole in my post history, I’ve been a little busy for past couple of years. Of course, this is no excuse. I’m just as busy now, if not more so. But I’m going to put more effort into regularly updating this blog.

Code Club is one of the reasons for this extra pressure on my free time. About two years ago I set up a club in our local library. And last week I was asked to answer some questions for a Code Club blog post.