Category: process

  • Thinking fast, testing slow

    How my brother outsmarted a Nobel Prize winning academic and best selling author

  • Unity CSV import and export

    I recently had a need to exchange data between the Unity game engine and spreadsheet software. The simplest common format supported by most spreadsheet programs is CSV (Comma Separated Values.) I had assumed that this would be such a common thing to do it would be built into either the .NET or Unity libraries. It…

  • Spot the different

    It was Ludum Dare last weekend. I was running my code club so I set the theme, “one room,” as a challenge for my club members. I usually do this when the competition comes around, but I think this is the first time one of my club members has taken up the challenge and completed…

  • Fixing PAYE

    Debugging the installation of my HMRC PAYE software wasn’t something I planned for my Saturday evening. But with the first payment of the new tax year due next week I thought I’d make a quick submission to get it out of the way before the bank holiday. But the transition to the new year didn’t…

  • Croydon Central Library Code Club

    As you can see from the large hole in my post history, I’ve been a little busy for past couple of years. Of course, this is no excuse. I’m just as busy now, if not more so. But I’m going to put more effort into regularly updating this blog. Code Club is one of the…

  • That’s not what I had in mind

    I’ve recently noticed that I frequently hold nonsensical ideas in my mind. Often these are pure contradictions. Merely attempting to describe these is enough to discover the problems. But there are also times where only the realisation of the ideas can break the illusion.

  • Gnothi seauton

    While playing Assassin’s Creed a couple of days ago, I realised that whenever I pick up a new game I first learn the limitations of my game character. In a way I get to relive childhood for a short time and truly experience what it is to know nothing.

  • E-mail collection

    For a long time I’ve wanted a better home office e-mail system and I finally had some free time to set it up. It took a while. The information and tools are all freely available. But they are distributed in many different places and it’s difficult to find stuff when you don’t know what to…

  • Never mind the quality…

    I’ve recently been having some bandwidth problems. Although I have an “unmetered” account it appears I’m using too much. Actually it’s not all me, I’m in a flat share situation and it doesn’t make sense to have a dedicated Internet line each; at least it didn’t.

  • Back to School

    I’ve recently been watching the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs video lectures. These are a boon to the programming community. I wish my school had just used these videos rather than attempting to teach Lisp themselves.