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No security through stupidity

To twist the words of W. A. Wulf: more resources are wasted in the name of security (without achieving it) than for any other reason, including stupidity.

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It’s the routine that gets you

It occurred to me the other day that video game characters run everywhere. I remember being chided by Lara Croft about that once. On the other hand it’s amazing how much time we waste each year doing routine tasks.

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QoL and SPI: battle of the ROI’s

Jason Della Rocca has an article on the Escapist about investing in game developers and SPI (software process improvement.) As a game developer, I have no problem with the first part of this argument :) but the second is a minefield. SPI is too big a subject to fully cover in a single blog entry or article, but I will jot down a few thoughts raised by this issue.


Vendor lock out

The NTFS file system has some great features. But its proprietary nature means that if something goes wrong, you’re pretty much on your own. That’s why it’s vitally important to make a boot-able recovery disc if you’re using an OS like Windows 2000. Not that it would be hard for Microsoft to provide an ISO of a boot-able recovery disc.

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Crossing the event horizon

I may not remember exactly why I installed a blog; not yet anyway. But I’m beginning to see why blogs are so popular. I think they will significantly contribute to the future of individual expression in a way that I simply hadn’t considered before.


Switching sites with WordPress

The move didn’t go so well. I wanted to change physical server, domain name, and folder structure, all at the same time. This may have been a bit ambitious to try in one go. To further complicate things, the domain points to a sub-domain of the main site.