Category: Wordpress

  • Switching sites with WordPress

    The move didn’t go so well. I wanted to change physical server, domain name, and folder structure, all at the same time. This may have been a bit ambitious to try in one go. To further complicate things, the domain points to a sub-domain of the main site.

  • Moving in

    Setting up an account with my new web host was painless. I have one account with 2 sub-domains set up so far: this blog and I’ve already forwarded my personal domain name to the new host. All I need to do now is transfer the MySQL database containing these posts and the WordPress software…

  • Green hosting

    I’m currently shopping around for a web hosting company for this blog, and my company site. Assuming I find one I’m happy with I’ll migrate gamecontractor too. It’s not that I’m not happy with my current hosting service, but I’ve managed to switch my home power over to renewable sources, I don’t see why I…

  • So many styles

    I’ve spent far more time browsing through the stlyes on this thing than actually working. And in the end I went with the simplest style I could find. It’s called “white as milk.”

  • Installing WordPress

    Boy that was quick! I didn’t expect this blogging software to go in quite so easily. Let that be a lesson to me: don’t be an early adopter! I do have one problem: I can’t seem to find my API key. I need this key to activate the spam filter. According to the documentation it…