Moving in

Setting up an account with my new web host was painless. I have one account with 2 sub-domains set up so far: this blog and I’ve already forwarded my personal domain name to the new host. All I need to do now is transfer the MySQL database containing these posts and the WordPress software itself. I might need to do a bit of url rewriting to get everything looking nice.

A green home at last

It seems my mistake was searching for “green web hosting” instead of “green ISP.” The main problem with providing green Internet services appears to be in the data centres. However, I have found a company with a solution: they offset the emissions of the other suppliers in the chain. And they offer customised hosting packages, so I only pay for the resources I need. If their service is as good as it looks I’ll migrate all my domains over the next few weeks. Then this blog will have a permanent home.

It’s not easy being green

Following up on my attempts to find a green web host, it seems that the UK is somewhat lagging the field in both the provision and advocacy. After some considerable searching the only green hosts I was able to find were based in other countries. I did find a lot of sites promoting green technology in general, but it seems that they don’t practice what they preach in terms of their own service providers.

Green hosting

I’m currently shopping around for a web hosting company for this blog, and my company site. Assuming I find one I’m happy with I’ll migrate gamecontractor too. It’s not that I’m not happy with my current hosting service, but I’ve managed to switch my home power over to renewable sources, I don’t see why I should let my hosting service get away with it.

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