Look for the EPEAT mark

I got a message from the IEEE. It appears that we’re finally going to be getting a standard mark to look for when buying green computers.

Of course we’re all so familiar with the EPA’s energy star screen that almost every computer boots up with, we probably don’t notice any more. That mark relates to the energy efficiency of the product. Actually, from 2007, the Star we’re so used to seeing may disappear for a while, at least until manufacturers can qualify to the new tougher standards.

However, the new EPEAT mark covers the materials, manufacturing processes, and disposal of the equipment. It will come in 3 flavours: bronze, silver, and gold; with gold being the best. They will maintain a database on their website. It should have already begun, but I guess it’s taking longer than they anticipated.


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    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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