No security through stupidity

To twist the words of W. A. Wulf: more resources are wasted in the name of security (without achieving it) than for any other reason, including stupidity.

It seems that everybody’s at it. The government want to bar-code us and charge us for the privilege. My bank forces me to use the laughably insecure Internet Explorer for business Internet banking and then forces me to use “secure” p455w0rd5 and change them every month.

Today, when we wanted to automate our build process, we were told by our console manufacturer that they had taken a decision, internationally, to prevent that. Why? For security reasons. Were these security measures not easily by-passed, it could easily have cost many developers months of productivity in routine downtime. Thank goodness for incompetence.


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  1. My government is getting worse by the day. But my bank, at least, is making some progress. I can now access my account through the slightly less insecure Firefox.

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