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  • Bloon

    Last weekend was a particularly busy one for me. I ran two kids programming clubs on the Saturday so I really couldn’t get any enthusiasm to start until Sunday. Unusually, I hit on an idea for the theme quickly. I’ve been doing a lot of physics simulation work recently and I thought this would be…

  • Jenny Kay Sinnett

    On the day before Christmas Eve, my mother died. It was quite a shock.

  • Black holes in the net

    If you experience sudden, otherwise inexplicable, Internet access problems, you might victim to a black hole router. This week, it happened to me for the third time in two years. This time, I’m writing the experience down so that I don’t have to hunt around for a solution with a crippled connection again.

  • There’s no pleasing some people

    I wrote a while back about LinkedIn. In that short time I have connected with 60+ colleagues. I had lost touch with many of them years ago and it’s been great catching up. LinkedIn has worked well for me but for others the experience was not as good.