That’s not what I had in mind

I’ve recently noticed that I frequently hold nonsensical ideas in my mind. Often these are pure contradictions. Merely attempting to describe these is enough to discover the problems. But there are also times where only the realisation of the ideas can break the illusion.

In the dream like world of the mind, we have little problem holding contradictory ideas as simultaneously true. It’s only when the rules of the waking world are applied that the contradictions appear.

When working on a problem I may come up with many solutions that don’t work before finding one that does. But that’s not a problem as ideas are cheap and often the failure of one helps me to produce another.

But this can easily fail when delegating work. We still have the unworkable ideas in mind, but without the wall of reality to beat them against, they can sit in the way of progress. And the poor soul we’ve delegated our work to, is often set up to fail. Over time it’s easy to imagine ourselves surrounded by incompetents. While this might not always be untrue, we should at least consider the possibility that we are asking the impossible before damning others.


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