Croydon Tech City programming surgery

On Thursday, I started a new monthly Croydon Tech City event. I’ve scheduled this event for 19:00 to 21:00 on the last Thursday of the month at Matthews Yard. The programming surgery is a chance for local programmers to get help with their programming problems from local professionals.

That’s not to say those of us that work locally as professional programmers will have the necessary expertise. But, hopefully, we’ll have enough experience to know where to look. This was mostly the case on Thursday as neither myself nor Marc had much current experience with the xcode’s interface builder and Objective-C.

Nevertheless, we managed to:

  • align elements to the containing window
  • make a button to print out a message
  • make a slider control that prints its value

I learned a lot about interface programming in xcode. We also talked about source control options for backup and as a way for us to share source files between events. But the one problem we were unable to solve was to do with a software development package that appeared to have some missing files. Hopefully we’ll be able to work around that problem next time.

If you have a technical problem and you’d like some help or if you’re interested in helping out at our next event, you can contact me by email or tweet me.


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