CSS styling and object orientated design

Last week’s programming surgery was the most popular yet, with 5 attendees, and a diverse set of programming topics to discuss. I won’t attempt a detailed record of the conversations as my notes were too brief for that, but I will summarize a couple of interesting topics.

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Fixing PAYE

Debugging the installation of my HMRC PAYE software wasn’t something I planned for my Saturday evening. But with the first payment of the new tax year due next week I thought I’d make a quick submission to get it out of the way before the bank holiday. But the transition to the new year didn’t go as smoothly as it could have.
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A can of colours

Last night was the first Croydon Tech City programming surgery of the new year. On several of these events last year, I forgot to write up the questions and learning. So, this time I decided to keep notes as we went along to remind me what I needed to write up.

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Last weekend was a particularly busy one for me. I ran two kids programming clubs on the Saturday so I really couldn’t get any enthusiasm to start until Sunday.

Unusually, I hit on an idea for the theme quickly. I’ve been doing a lot of physics simulation work recently and I thought this would be a good chance to try modelling buoyancy in a game.

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Upcycling Cardboard

Last month, the good folk of Lives Not Knives and a few of us local technology specialists got together to host an event for London Technology Week. Our theme was upcycling cardboard. Mick Rideout and I created a workshop where attendees could add their own faces into a virtual reality zombie game running on the Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses.
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Q & A: Running a programming club in a library

Kirstin of the Home Educators Coding Club, which runs in Norfolk Library, left a comment on my previous post asking some questions about the details of running our library programming club. I feel these are questions of general interest to those running or planning to run their own club. So I decided to write up my answers in a new post.

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Croydon Central Library Code Club

As you can see from the large hole in my post history, I’ve been a little busy for past couple of years. Of course, this is no excuse. I’m just as busy now, if not more so. But I’m going to put more effort into regularly updating this blog.

Code Club is one of the reasons for this extra pressure on my free time. About two years ago I set up a club in our local library. And last week I was asked to answer some questions for a Code Club blog post.

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Croydon Tech City programming surgery

On Thursday, I started a new monthly Croydon Tech City event. I’ve scheduled this event for 19:00 to 21:00 on the last Thursday of the month at Matthews Yard. The programming surgery is a chance for local programmers to get help with their programming problems from local professionals.

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XPath and the default namespace

I’ve been working on a make script that extracts the files it needs to build from a Microsoft Visual Studio project file. The .vcxproj file format is XML so I imagined it would be easy to use a command line XML processor to do the job. However because the project file declares a default namespace this was not as easy as it first looked.

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